Final Project Proposals

Idea #1: An interactive webpage that simulates the different sorting algorithms. Kind of like this:

This will give the users a chance to learn about the diverse sorting algorithms and the pros and cons of each one. Something new that could be eventually incorporated is sound to go with the sorting. It would look similar to this: The user would be able to increase the speed as well as choose the starting point for the array.screenshot.

Idea #2: Make an interactive map that allows the user to drop points and figure out the fastest way to visit all the marks.


This idea is similar to the famous traveling salesman problem, however, mine would be simpler. It would help users to understand how different pathfinding algorithms work.

Idea #3: An exhibit that allows users to participate in the Turing Test as a judge or a human contestant. They will be able to interact with one another, and the judges will decide if they are human or computer.


This will give the users a deeper understanding of how the Turing test works, and will let them to experience it firsthand.



2 thoughts on “Final Project Proposals”

  1. All are great project ideas! I think the first idea would be a great extension off of what you have already made from the sorting algorithm.


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