The Doors of Death (and Sometimes Life)

Alix and I worked together to create an interactive story on Twine. It was based off of a lock challenge that we did in class in which everyone was given a combination lock and a piece of paper with the code on it. The tricky part was that the codes were written in different ways: some in binary, others in Chinese characters, and one or two just in regular digits. Some codes worked, others didn’t. This exercise was meant to show us that there are several paths that can be taken to arrive at the same place, some easier, and others more challenging. Our twine story illustrates this, as the main objective is to get home, using different color doors. Depending on what door you take, you may reach your destination or come across a dead end. View it here:


4 thoughts on “The Doors of Death (and Sometimes Life)”

  1. you want to include the github link. If you do the file:// link, that is the link to your local server and can only be accessed on your computer, not by anyone else on any other computer. it should be the link:


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